Dadaji Saffron

DADAJI brand Kashmiri saffron is 100% pure, premium quality, sealed in the elegantly designed air tight humidity proof packaging. DADAJI brand saffron is the freshest available, having been harvested from the current crop. Saffron is one of the world’s oldest & expensive spice.

Dadaji Rooh Zaika

Dadaji Rooh Zaika is based on Tibb-i-Unani formulation which contains – Refined sugar, Aqua fruits, Aqua keora, Aqua rose, Aqua flowers, The specific Unani recipe of Dadaji Rooh Zyka combines several ingredients popularly believed to be cooling agents, which is used as a remedy for loo.

Dadaji Fruit Crush

We are a manufacturer of over 31 different food products ranging from Sauces, Pickles, Squashes, sharbat, thandai, fruit jam, papads, hing, extract, veg silver leaves, cereal items, food colors, essence, gawa ghee, pasta, vermicilli, soya chunks, attar, rose & kewra water & mitha attar, biryani attar.

The group has years of experience as well as established Brands under its banner ”DADAJI”. We just launch our unique range of FRUIT CRUSH, MOCKTAIL SYRUP

Dadaji Mocktail

DADAJI Blue Lagoon is a popular summer cocktail featuring blue Curaçao. One variation adds a dash of lime cordial to the mix. Another variation with a dash of raspberry cordial or grenadine is known as a “Fruit tingle”, after the candy available in some countries.

Dadaji Tomato Sauce

Processed from fresh tomatoes it makes for a great dip with deep-fried appetizers.

Made from the finest range of fresh tomato to give the best tasting tomato sauce.


  • Longer shelf life
  • Hygienically processed
  • Rich flavor
  • Fresh

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