About Us

Welcome to Sancheti Group

Established in 1999, a leading and trustworthy position in the food industry. We are a manufacturer of over 13 different food & non food segment with more than 41 items & more than 51different flavors & verities which includes food products ranging from Sauces, Pickles, Squashes, sharbat,, thandai,fruit,crush,mocktails,fruit,jam,Papads,hing,spices,saffron, saffron extract,vegsilver leaves, cereal items, food colors,essence,gawa ghee,soya chunks,attar.rose& kewra water,and tooty frooty ,.& many more & in non food products are herbal phenyl, bleaching powder, SS scrubber and many other house hold cleaning products

Business Philisophy

Sancheti group savvy business philosophy has transformed a small new born company in a matter of few years, into a large and phenomenal success. Our business philosophy can be summed up as follows:-
• Produce Quality Products
• Price Products at moderately
• Focus on Customer Satisfaction
• Research and Development
• Focus on India


Sancheti Group has strategically located manufacturing facility at Kolkata in West Bengal. The location of the plant ensures a constant output and easy distribution. Our factory has state-of-the-art machinery with automatic printing and packaging facilities. The plant is endowed with a manufacturing system that meets the stringent requirements of the international norms comprising of chemical and microbiological tests.


Sancheti Group is proud of its longstanding commitment to a clean environment. Our members are constantly searching for ways to minimize the environmental impact of our business. That is why; we have dedicated teams at all of our manufacturing facilities focused on reducing our consumption of electricity, fuel and water