It is Sancheti group intent to secure long-term growth by synergising and blending the diverse pool of competencies residing in its various businesses to exploit emerging opportunities in the FMCG sector.

The Company’s institutional strengths – deep understanding of the Indian consumer, strong trademarks, deep and wide distribution network, agri-sourcing skills, packaging know-how and cuisine expertise – continue to be effectively leveraged to rapidly grow the new FMCG businesses.

Sancheti group has rapidly scaled up presence in its newer FMCG businesses comprising Branded Packaged Foods, , at an impressive pace over the last several years.

The Company’s unwavering focus on quality, innovation and differentiation backed by deep consumer insights, world-class R&D and an efficient and responsive supply chain will further strengthen its leadership position in the Indian FMCG industry.

As much as we build brands, we also build careers. The success of Sancheti Group is a direct result of the commitment and talents of the people who work for us. We are dedicated to finding, developing and retaining the best people for our company. In return, we aim to make sure that our employees are happy and motivated .We work in a family environment and value a long term and stable relationship with employees. We believe that talented professionals are the most valuable resources for significant growth.

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