Medical Benefits

Health Benefits of Saffron

Benefits availed by proportionate uses of saffron include:

  • Cell formation and repair
  • Healing heart diseases and maintaining blood pressure
  • Blood cell production
  • Skin benefits
  • Remedy from joint pain, arthritis, low back pain and lumbago.
  • Remedy from indigestion, flatulence, hyperacidity, abdominal pain, colic and other digestive problems.
  • Helps in Losing Weight
  • Remedy from bruises and scars
  • Effective in initiating Cognition
  • Remedy from Sexual Dysfunction

Saffron is abundant with minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 are present in one gram of saffron. These important minerals have differently able properties like purifying blood; acting as an important agent in enhancing the count of RBCs and infection fighting abilities. Potassium on the other hand helps to maintain balance fluids in cells, which if is low can cause painful cramp in muscles.

Pure saffron has paradoxical medicinal properties. Apart from containing volatile oils, it is also abounded with calories, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. For deeper study and research aspect on the nutritional properties of saffron we would deal with the study by considering 1 ounce of spice. (Human beings can it take 1 ounce of spice as the normal dose that they intake varies from 1 teaspoon to half a teaspoon).

In 1 ounce of pure saffron the manganese content is nearly 400% high of the daily recommended value. Other most important nutrients that abound the saffron are Vitamin C- 38%, Magnesium- 18%, Iron- 17%, Potassium and Vitamin B6 both impart a sound 14% of the daily recommended value.

Other Health benefits:

Disease Prevention- Saffron when is used in food items release chemical components that are known to prevent manifold diseases. The spice is also known to promote the overall well- being of human body.

Volatile Oils- The volatile oil that is obtained from saffron when is added to food items enhances its taste and flavor along with imparting medicinal benefits. Some of the important oils that are obtained from 1gm saffron are pinene, cineole, borneol and geraniol etc.

Active Components- Apart from the volatile oils, saffron also contains active non- volatile components like carotenoid that act as an anti- oxidant to the benefit of human body. Saffron along with preventing radical reactions also secretes some of the very important carotenoids like zea- xanthin, lycopene, and alpha & beta carotene.

Therapeutic Applications- In many religions saffron is not only considered as a spice but is also used in various kinds of therapies like detoxification and body healing.

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