Black Pepper Powder 120g



Dadaji Black Pepper Powder – Pepper Powder helps to
improve your stomach’s ability to digest foods and
promotes intestinal health. Pepper Powder Make your
dishes tempting and irresistible. The part of Pepper
Powder powder is very much necessary to make our
eating stuffs. Dadaji Powder Powder 100 percent certified
organic powder.
Dadaji Black Pepper Powder is also helpful in medicinal
aspects since it is a basis of manganese, iron, vitamin C,
potassium and dietary fibre. Pepper powder is a generic
term for spice mixes used to flavor Indian or Southeast
Asian cuisine. Dadaji Black Pepper Powder is Aromatic &
Dadaji Black Pepper Powder can be used while cooking
as a Powder or after cooking as a Sprinkler. A
Vegetarian product. Dadaji Black Pepper Powder Makes
any dish special.There is No Artificial Flavour, No
Artificial Colors, No Preservatives


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