Dadaji Pavitra GangaJal 200ml 500ml

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Gangajal holds a very esteemed value in Indian culture. For a Hindu, it has and always will be an important part of every religious ceremony performed right from birth to death. No ritual or pooja is perfect and not even complete without these holy drops. As per Maharishi Vedvyas, Ganges water has the power of warding off all the evils of Kalyuga. Therefore, it should be used in all the religious ceremonies and rituals. When stored in copper utensil or Kalash, it generates holy vibrations all around, that drive away all the evils and bad omens. It helps in achieving not only the material prosperity but also the spiritual growth.



100% pure, natural, crystal clear Gangajal full of natural herbs and untouched
by human hands. Complete your pooja with DADAJI Pabitra GangaJal


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