Dadaji Pickles 200g& 400g



Mixed Pickle: It has the perfect mix of Mango, Carrot, Lemon and
Chili with a blend of zesty spices which is the perfect accompaniment
to everyday meals. Tangy and sweet accompaniment to add a dash of
spice to any meal.
DADAJI Mango Pickle: It has the delicate flavour of the mango,
blended with vegetable oil, whole split mustard and spices, delivers
a superb accompaniment to most Indian dishes and is also a very
good condiment to match with other foods. Mango pickle contains
beneficial bacteria, which means they can be a good addition to a
healthful diet.
Green Chilli Pickle: DADAJI brings you Green Chilli Pickle which will
add a twist in taste to your dishes. Prepared from a flavourful blend
of chillies and spices, Offers tantalizing fiery flavour, it makes for a
perfect accompaniment to main course meals.


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