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With ample experience in this field of manufacturing and supplying one of the most tasty and delicious beverages since past several years, we have expertise in this profession. We select highly juicy and fully ripe farm fresh pineapples for the manufacturing and processing of this pineapple sharbat. We are well equipped with latest machinery and processing units which are highly efficient in the production of this pineapple sharbat at a very huge amount. We take enough care of hygiene and purity in the manufacture of these pineapple sharbat.

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Ingredients: Sugar, pinaple pulp, Water, Citric Acid (INS-330), Class II preservative (INS-211)

How to use: for one glass (200 ml) take 40ml syrup with 120ml water/milk & crushed ice (approx) 50 ml.

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 230 mm


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