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“Pure SAFFRON EXTRACT” which is wholly made of pure saffron leaves, no any  It is pure & Natural that’s why you don’t have to add any color & flavor with it. You can use the pure saffron leaves only for decoration purpose but other all benefits ofsaffron comes from “Dadaji Pure Saffron Drops”. It is edible, pure, and strong as well as economy.

The origin of saffron traces back to over 3500 years ago and since then it has proved a very valuable spice to the world. Saffron is primarily obtained from the stigmas of Crocus sativus which is a native yield of the European countries and is mainly found in countries like India, Spain, Greece, Iran. This spice has been used by several civilizations, cultures from time to time for fulfilling their different needs and because of its wide uses, it has become not just a favorite spice but also a precious one of all .

In the past, saffron was used for feasts or ceremonies like wedding, for organizing rites and rituals more gloriously, in decorating mirrors, for making golden and silver coins. They also used saffron for welcoming the Great pilgrims as well.

During some special ceremonies, saffron was solely smoked along with aloes wood, musk, ambergris and was used with rosewater as well.

In cooking too, saffron has acquired a most prominent name because of its strong flavoring and color. All across the world people use this spice in their food preparations and therefore its need can never be subsided. The most popular one is the kashmiri saffron as they are the finest and exclusive in its own way.

Saffron has also proved very useful in relieving the human body of several ailments. It is used for several medicinal purposes and no traces of side effects have been found yet. Saffron is also regarded as a very essential ingredient in beauty products because it has great potential to enhance the beauty of human skins.

These are such a few instances of the history that saffron has been creating since many years and there is no doubt on the fact that it would forever remain a precious and valuable spice of people worldwide.


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