Dahi Vada & Raita Masala Powder



Dadaji presents Dahi Vada Masala, a commonly used spice in Indian street food Dahi Vada,
a snack made of lentil fritters dunked in seasoned yogurt. This blend of spices is the key to
make dahi vada flavourful and spicy.
Dadaji Dahi Vada masala has a spicy, tangy and aromatic flavour. It is commonly used in
most of the North Indian homes, especially in U.P.
The Dahi Vada Raita Masala is a unique blend of iodised salt, cumin, mint leaves, chilli
flakes, coriander, black pepper, carom seed, caraway, pomegranate seeds, yellow chilli,
dried mango slices, and cloves.
The use of this masala powder is not restricted to make dahi vada. It is used for ragda,
matar chaats, chutneys, tikkis and more. The spice is a versatile blend that makes any
street food tantalizing.


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