Dadaji – One of the best dealers of quality saffron extracts in India!
Dadaji – One of the best dealers of quality saffron extracts in India!

Saffron is small perennial spice which is also the member of lily family. Saffron extracts has wondrous health benefits to say the least. Handpicking and packaging this spice has often been painstaking. A certain amount of heat is required before packaging to deepen the flavors. But, the process remains highly labor-intensive. 

This spice is commercially cultivated in Kashmir, Morocco, Iran, Spain and Italy. The volume of its cultivation has grown extensively owing to innumerable health benefits. The process of its cultivation is labor-intensive, thus making the crop expensive. 

Nevertheless, your hunt for the best quality saffron might just be over. We, at Sancheti Exports deal in the best quality saffron. Our packaging is humid-proof and quality is world class! Thus, we have earned a good name over the years. 

Saffron can protect you against cancer

The medicinal properties of saffron make the spice more valuable. Research suggests saffron can even cure cancer apart from being a culinary ingredient. The water-soluble carotene is responsible much for saffron’s golden tinge. The water-soluble carotene can be very useful in curing ovarian carcinoma and leukemia. Researchers believe that the spice has properties to inhibit malignant cells. Another striking feature of the spice is that it aids the formation of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are immune cells that destroy malignant cancer cells. 

In case you’re conscious about health and seeking the best quality saffron, here’s some good news! We, at Sancheti Exports, are quality food product manufactures in Kolkata. Our variety of saffron is simply unmatchable! 

Saffron helps in memory retention and promotes learning

Some recent studies demonstrate that saffron extracts are useful in treating age-related memory impairment. In countries like Japan and Indonesia, saffron extracts are encapsulated and are used to treat Parkinson’s disease, inflammation and memory loss. Saffron extracts have also been proven to increase concentration in children. 

At Sancheti Exports, we have earned a trusted name as food product exporters in Kolkata. Our saffron us handpicked and packaged with due care. 

In patchy-baldness and as a shield against cold

Saffron has been proven as an effective topical treatment in inducing hair growth.
Saffron extracts are also useful in treatments of alopecia. 
Saffron is an excellent stimulant tonic. It remains effective in treating common cold and flu. Saffron mixed with milk helps in relieving cough and cold.

To sum it up

At Dadaji, we ensure the best quality services in Kolkata. Our range of saffron is undoubtedly the freshest. From handpicking to packaging, we make sure that the quality is never compromised. With the expertise of over a decade, we have established ourselves as one of the best dealers of saffron in Kolkata!  


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